Timeless Truth mask

(Disclaimer – this post is a year old and never got posted. Since then my skin has improved greatly if you want an updated skin routine let me know ๐Ÿ˜Š)

Hello everyone !

Today I have my first impression/ review of timeless truth mask. I was contacted by Timeless truth brand asking if I would like some sheet mask sent to me and I obvisously said yes.

I did do some research on the brand and mask ,and it  seem they get nothing but great reviews

The company is sweet and will help out if you have any concerns

The company claims on this mask.

“The cloth of a traditional sheet mask only acts as a media to store nutritious essence, the dry cloth itself does not have any beneficial effects. However, the cloth of our patented Functionality Mask is a game changer. Our Functionality cloth, by itself, without the addition of essences, already has beneficial functions on its own. Beneficial extractives are ground into dried powder and impregnated into the cloth, which is shown as a uniform colored checker once applied on the skin. The combination of a beneficial functionality cloth and nutritious essences/serums bring out the best of each and result in maximum efficiency of essence absorption.”

Product Description

This mask says it has ingredients to protect and reduces a dull and uneven complexion. The light serum also quickly absorbs into the skin. Leaving your skin glowing and hydrated.

 These mask do have a leftover serum, which I just put a travel container for later in the day

  This is the deep sea mask extract moisturizing. The blue part of it has sea water extract to moisturize the skin 

Instructions for the mask

Put the darker side of the mask on your face to get all the nutrients 

  My skin right now is a wreak and I am dealing with dull hyperpigmentaion dyhyderated skin with some acne

My skin stress level is just no lol

The mask is kind of big and did take some time to place it somewhat decently on my face. After the tugging and pulling it was nice cooling mask that just made me want to relax. 

Do I see a difference in my skin



  • Cool printing
  • Sweet workers
  • Heavy on the serum
  • Extremely cooling
  • effective


  • Kind of big
  • Hard to work with
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